Kidney Stone Ring

किडनी स्टोन (मलाकाइट पत्थर) एक अर्धसूत्रीय रत्न है जो समुन्द्र में पाया जाता है यह किडनी की बीमारी के लिए पहना जाता है यह वृषभ राश...


Lapis Lazuli Stone

Lapiz Lazuli Stone This is the birthstone of February people but according to Vedic Astrology, it is considered as the secondary gemstone o...


Rose Quartz with Rudraksha Bracelet

Rose Quartz with Rudraksha Bracelet Rose Quartz is a gemstone of love and Five Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Shiva. This gemstone resolve...


Gold Plated Rudraksha Rosary

Gold Plated Rudraksha Rosary Rudraksha is the one holy thing by which you can control your beneficiary and malefic planets in your horoscop...


Shani Jap Rosary

Shani Jap Rosary Everyone is frightened from the wrath of planet Saturn and wants blessings from the Karma god. Shani Jap Rosary is extreme...


Basil Rosary

Basil Rosary If you wear a Basil rosary while eating you get virtue of many Yagya. If you bath in a river wearing this garland you attain b...


Red Gunja Rosary

Red Gunja Rosary- Red Hunja Rosary is especially worn to attain the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The red color is loved by Mother Lakshmi ...


Seven Chakra Rosary

Seven Chakra Rosary   A Seven Chakra Rosary can be worn by every person. This is the one in all solution to all the problems in one&r...


Yellow Hakik Rosary

Yellow Hakik Rosary If Jupiter’s position in your horoscope is situated in the wrong house which is creating bad effects then it can ...