Having completed matriculation in his hometown, He came to Varanasi to pursue higher education in Sanskrit and astrology.

He acquired Master degree in Sanskrit and he was awawarded as “Acharya” and jyotish visharad in astrology from renowned Sanskrit university (Sampurnanand Sanskrit vishwa Vidyalaya) back in 2006.

He toured India and Nepal widely and studied varies aspects in meditation and kundali during his travel—from Buddhist, Jainism and Hindu system to name a few. He has conducted over one hundred workshops in healing through astrology from year 2009 and offered over ten thousand consultations on various aspect of life such as education, career, marriage, health and so on from year 2008.

His forecast on life events are based on vedic astrology. His forecast or interpretations are so precise and accurate that it plays a vital role to boost one’s fortune or prosperity by understanding one’s potential inherent with the native shown by the birth chart horoscope( based on date, time and place of birth) and one is also able to remove negative influence, increase lacking elemental energy and balance excess elemental energy in the body to acquire perfect physical and mental health by using certain talisman, color, diagram, mantra, Tantra, gemstones, healing medicinal herbs available in Himalayan Region.

His 25  years of direct experience in the field of vedic astrology and consultations have benefitted many people around the globe and have connected with us (Acharyaram Vedic Astrology). We provide online consultancy, an authentic guideline regarding health, career, relationship, marital alliance and so on. We also provide life interpretations and remedial measures to improve the quality of life. All predictions and life readings are manually done by him (Acharya Ram )

His Mission is to eradicate disorders—physical,mental, emotional, psychological, financial, social by understanding the law of nature which is in the form of time and space—doing right thing at the right time is the essence of vedic astrology.